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How to buy a prom dress

Think you’re ready to shop for prom? These tips will make the process painless.

Have a plan

Pre-shop your favorite designer’s websites and see what they have to offer. Save some pictures on your phone or print them out to show the sales staff. Make sure you note the style number too, some designers carry hundreds of styles and it’s hard to know them all.

Make an appointment

Some stores require appointments and some don’t. It’s best to call first and see what the process is so you don’t get turned away at the door. Extra tip-Don’t go on Saturday if you can avoid it, it’s the busiest day of the week for prom shopping and stores can get crowded.


Leave your boyfriend/date opinionated friend at home.

I’ve helped thousands of girls choose their prom dresses and only once was the boyfriend actually helpful in the process. They generally say whatever they think you want to hear and the ones that don’t usually don’t stay at the store long, so just let them off the hook. As for the friends, much as they may believe otherwise, their opinions are not what’s important here. You need to feel beautiful and confident in YOUR choice. You’re the one wearing and possibly paying for the dress, the most important opinion is yours. Take your mom or aunt or older sister or a friend you can trust to support you in your choice and your shopping trip will be a much happier one.

Be open to suggestion

This tip almost sounds like a contradiction of the last one but it’s a good one none the less. How often do you wear a formal dress? Probably not very. So you’re probably not sure what styles will look good on your body type, so make sure you try on a variety of styles and colors. You may be pleasantly surprised. And it’s ok to try on moms favorite, just to humor her of course, you might just like it.


Come prepared

Wear light colored underwear and a strapless or sticky bra. Many light colored dresses are a little see through, you probably don’t want the whole store to know you’re rocking your orange polka dot panties. Wear something easy to take off, you’re going to get undressed and dressed a lot, might as well be comfortable. If you’ve already for the perfect shoes, bring them. If you’re waiting to get your dress first, that’s ok too. Most stores have shoes can try on with the dresses just to see how it will look with heels.


Don’t wear a lot of make-up

Nothing can ruin a great dress like a big red lipstick stain. And what happens if that stain is on your favorite dress and the store can’t order another one. And who wants to try on a beautiful dress covered in someone else’s foundation. Besides, you don’t want to be pulling a dress over your head and getting in front of that big mirror to check it out only to discover your mascara is running down your face.


Stop shopping

You don’t have to go to every store in town to try on dresses, you really don’t. Once you find a dress you love, buy it. You’ll save yourself from second guessing and also the risk of the perfect dress being gone when you come back for it. Just because it’s in stock today doesn’t mean it will be next week or even tomorrow. Some styles sell out fast and once they’re gone, they’re gone we can’t order them anymore. Extra tip- If money is holding you back, ask the store if they have layaway. Many do and you can pay for your dress in small chunks instead of a big lump sum

  • Courtney Strysko
  • promprom planningPromparedness and lifehacksWhat To Wear

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