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Choose The Right Dress For Your Body Type- part one

Every female on the planet has her own unique body shape. Whether your dress size is a double zero, a twenty-four or anywhere in between, there is always the perfect dress for you. If you feel like every dress you have tried on doesn’t make you feel like the best you possible, then turn the tables around go to a store that carries the dress for you. Figure out what dress style works best for your body, so you can rock it on the dance floor.   If you feel like you have a busty body type (large bust, waist not well defined, and narrow hips) make sure you find a dress that can give you the illusion of an hourglass figure. It will help balance out the proportions of your body and boost your confidence. Also try to choose a dress that accentuates your shoulders and collarbone. The style of dresses that would work best with this body type would be empire, strapless, A-line, and off the shoulder strap dresses.  Here is a beautiful example of a dress that will work well with this body type.   35746   For the girls that have more of an hourglass figure here are some tips to pick the best dress. V-neck halters, strapless, sweetheart necklines, fit and flare, and mermaid style dresses work fabulously with this body type. Fabrics that are soft and flow around your figure will also help enhance your body’s natural curves. This dress is a perfect example for any female with an hourglass figure.   6459_long_dress_     Tune in next week when I give advise for girls with Pear (hips are bigger than bust and waist well defined) and Apple (carry your weight through your middle) shaped bodies. Every female struggles to find a dress they love, but with a little guidance they will be able to find the one that boosts their confidence.
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