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  • Choose The Right Dress For Your Body Type- part two
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Choose The Right Dress For Your Body Type- part two

Have you ever tried on a dress in your size, but it was either too tight around your hips or too small in the bust? There have always been instances where people try on dresses and it’s too tight here or too loose there. Here is a guide for two body types to help you find the perfect dress for you for prom or pageants or anytime. If you have an Apple shaped body type (your legs are slim, short undefined waist, and you carry your weight in your middle) you are going to want to wear a dress that brings attention to the top of your body. There are two dress styles that look fabulous on this body type and those are empire waist and an A-line dress. A dress with a full skirt will also look wonderful of the body. When choosing a dress look for details or embellishments in the sleeves, necklines, and shoulders. The details or embellishments will helps accentuate the parts of the body you want to highlight. Also feel free to where a short dress, but make sure it isn’t too short so a good length to have it would be around the knees. Here is a dress that would look gorgeous on an Apple shaped body type.21505   When you have a Pear shaped body type (hips are bigger than your bust and your waist is well defined) you are going to want to bring attention to your upper body to help balance your body out. Some dresses that would great on females with a pear shape would be sweetheart, empire waist, off the shoulder, one shoulder, and ball gowns. If the dress has designs from the waist up that is a bonus since it will help draw attention away from the hips. Another factor to keep in mind is that you want a dress that has movement in the skirt, clean lines from the waist down, and is fitted around the waist. This emerald dress below is a perfect dress for someone with a pear shaped body.  


  If I haven’t covered your body type don’t fret. Next week I will give advise for females that have slender bodies (have a thin frame throughout or even an athletic body) and the petite (typically women who are less than 5 feet 3 inches) body types.
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